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Homecoming Hijinks

Sorry about the lack of flash fiction last week, but in exchange, I’m posting two this week. One today and one tomorrow.

2/25/16 prompt from Daily Flash Fiction Prompts on FB:  First line: The body lay crumpled in the corner… Genre: romance story use the words “milkshake, pogo stick, Cadillac, Winchester, glue stick” somewhere in the piece.

Right, so the prompt said it was supposed to be romantic, but I went for humor instead. Enjoy .

The body lay crumpled in the corner. Bits of pink, blue, yellow, and green paper mache were scattered across the back lawn. The once colorful skeleton now had a baseball bat-shaped hole smack in the middle of it’s front teeth. A few abandoned wrappers and rejected peppermints sat in a pile at the base of the ruined piñata, but just as Ferra had suspected, the vandals had made off with most of the goods.

She paddled out into the yard in her black-cat slippers and shook her head at the trail of circular indents that wound their way from the sidewalk, through the gate, around the picnic table, and to the piñata tree.

How did they do it this year, pogo sticks? Ferra sighed and turned on the porch light for a closer look. She picked up a sticky Pilsner glass, scrunching her nose.

The table was still littered with milkshake and root beer float remnants.

It figures.  Her son’s friends could stay up until two in the morning toilet papering the neighborhood and pouring shaving cream on her husband’s brand new Cadillac, but didn’t have the decency to clean up their own mess? The streamers had been ripped from where they once adorned each of the fence posts; it looked more like the scene of a frantic rager than a simple party.

“Well, I’ll tell you one thing, Meena,” she mused, looking down at the black lab who had trotted out of the open screen door and was now nudging at her leg. “Someone’s going to clean this up in the morning, and it isn’t going to be me.” She squatted and scratched the dog behind the ears, a twinkle glinting in her otherwise fatigued eyes. “That includes putting the piñata back together. I bet Daddy won’t want to help either, once he sees what Jackson’s done to that precious car of his. And good luck to the poor boy, trying to find a glue stick in that mess his father calls a workshop.” She chuckled and stood up, clucking her tongue so Meena followed at her heels.

She flicked off the light and slid the door closed. “That’s what he gets, convincing me to let him throw a Halloween party on homecoming night in Winchester.”

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