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Book Review: Journey to Neverland

Journey to Neverland The Haunting Fairy Tales Collection: Volume 2 By: R.L. Weeks Summary: Lori finally got her revenge, but it wasn't everything that she had hoped it would be. With an emptiness in her heart, she focuses her attention on gaining more power. Meanwhile, Snow gets a special weapon from the Ice Queen and… Continue reading Book Review: Journey to Neverland

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5 Floating Lanterns

This list is from the wonderful Kayla Vanderbilt who commented on one of my Suggestion Box. posts on my FB page. The List: Erin China Midnight Clump of fox fur The pitter pattering of tiny feet as they scamper across the entryway just seconds after the front door clicks closed is my clue to put… Continue reading 5 Floating Lanterns

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Chapters: How Do I Write One?

Last week we talked about why I think chapters are important to a longer work. While any and all of those reasons are valid, knowing that you should have chapters is an entirely different animal than actually writing them. Today I'm going to give you my top tips for creating engaging and meaningful chapters. Decide… Continue reading Chapters: How Do I Write One?

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Chapters: Why Are They Important?

There are many components to writing a book, but few as daunting for over-writers like me as figuring out how in the world to divide your book up into chapters- either once it’s written, or during the drafting process. This post and next week’s are inspired by author Kim Chance’s recent video. "But, Claerie,” you’re… Continue reading Chapters: Why Are They Important?

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Showing vs. Telling: When Should You Do It?

Last week, I talked about what it meant to “show not tell” in your writing. To recap: I think of telling as giving the straight facts of a situation, and showing as painting a picture of the situation for the reader. I explained how I believed showing to be a more immersive form of writing… Continue reading Showing vs. Telling: When Should You Do It?