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Wrangling the Dangler: Unresolved Plots

There are many things that can dangle on the grammatical side of writing: participles, prepositions at the end of sentences, fragments, the list goes on. But one that most writers forget about is the dangling plot line. In a story, every scene, discussion, and decision a character makes or is a part of must impact… Continue reading Wrangling the Dangler: Unresolved Plots

Writing Techniques, Writing Tips

Showing vs. Telling: When Should You Do It?

Last week, I talked about what it meant to “show not tell” in your writing. To recap: I think of telling as giving the straight facts of a situation, and showing as painting a picture of the situation for the reader. I explained how I believed showing to be a more immersive form of writing… Continue reading Showing vs. Telling: When Should You Do It?