Suggestion Box

This is a lovely new idea I got from Leslie Conzatti at The Upstream Writer, where I find an image on Facebook,Twitter, or Tumblr, share it on my pages, and whoever wants to can comment with a list containing a name, a place, a time, and an object. I write a short fiction piece to go with the image, incorporating the list. (One list per story.) It will inspire my Flash Fiction Fridays.

I ALWAYS credit the person who gave the suggestion, and I would absolutely LOVE it if everyone who has followed this blog and has not yet participated would go over and comment on the images I’ve shared on my page!! The more the merrier! I love receiving these lists.

Once the comments start rolling in, I will post the flash fictions inspired by each list under the tag #Suggestion Box. Direct links to each story will be found on this page, as well as under my Flash Fiction page.

The Fatôme Queen.

All her life, Charlotte knew she had magic in her blood. All her life, she had done everything to ignore it. Everything to avoid the incessant pounding of the family legacy on her doorstep. But now, if she is to escape her mother’s hellish fate, Charlotte must face her worst fear. She must become what she was always destined to be. She must become The Fatôme Queen. Part I