Flash Fiction, The Fantome Queen

The Fantôme Queen Character Profiles

Hi everyone! So, since I posted my first #SuggestionBox on Friday, and the story will be three parts, I thought it might be fun to do character profiles on Charlotte, Talia, and Jackson so you all can learn more about them. To do this, I’m going to use fourteen of my favorite/most useful questions from… Continue reading The Fantôme Queen Character Profiles

Flash Fiction, The Fantome Queen

The Fantôme Queen: Part One

Welcome to Part One of my first #SuggestionBox submission, "The Fantôme Queen"! First, a giant thank you to all my betas and friends who helped me to polish this from the first draft to now. This story will be comprised of 3 parts, and a new part will be posted each week. The list was given… Continue reading The Fantôme Queen: Part One