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Book Review: Beast of Talesend

Beast of Talesend By: Kyle Robert Schultz I had the pleasure of interviewing Kyle for my author interview series (coming Friday!) and, being the lover of fairytale retellings that I am, when I found out he had written a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, I simply couldn’t resist picking it up. Pros Snappy Dialogue:… Continue reading Book Review: Beast of Talesend

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Book Review: 5 Steps to Better Blurbs 

5 Steps to Better Blurbs  by: Julie Gilbert  I was generously given an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review; much thanks to the author! Writing a blurb is often something authors either love or hate. You have to take your multi-hundred-page magnum opus of a manuscript and condense it down to… Continue reading Book Review: 5 Steps to Better Blurbs 

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Book Review: Princess of Undersea

Princess of Undersea By: Leslie Conzatti Summary: Two kingdoms—one towering over the water, the other deep beneath the waves—balance on the edge of calamity. King Theodore of Overcliff withers in the wake of hardship, while King Davor of Undersea rallies his people for war. When Princess Ylaine gives up her most precious gift, in order… Continue reading Book Review: Princess of Undersea

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Book Review Nine Tails: Episode 1: Of Fairies and Demons

Nine Tails: Episode 1: Of Fairies and Demons by : J. Young-Ju Harris Summary: Jason Park has ambitions to create comic books about heroes. Little does he know that he might soon become one himself. It starts when he stumbles into the middle of a kidnapping plot and discovers that the strange book he inherited… Continue reading Book Review Nine Tails: Episode 1: Of Fairies and Demons

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Book Review: Into Wonderland

Into Wonderland  By R.L. Weeks Summary: Neverland was built on the Fountain of Youth and Peter was its King of Hearts. Now that Snow is in charge, Neverland has warped into Wonderland, leaving everyone trapped in a neverending nightmare of madness. Gallisa, the White Queen, is confined to her palace, leaving everyone without hope. Alice… Continue reading Book Review: Into Wonderland

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Book Review: Journey to Neverland

Journey to Neverland The Haunting Fairy Tales Collection: Volume 2 By: R.L. Weeks Summary: Lori finally got her revenge, but it wasn't everything that she had hoped it would be. With an emptiness in her heart, she focuses her attention on gaining more power. Meanwhile, Snow gets a special weapon from the Ice Queen and… Continue reading Book Review: Journey to Neverland