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How Writing Changed My Life

Lately I've been having a little bit of trouble thinking of things to blog about. My friend Fabio suggested that I do one about how writing has changed my life. This question actually took me a surprising amount of time to answer. I’ve always loved to read, and I don't remember when I realized that… Continue reading How Writing Changed My Life

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Voices of YA Tag

It's Tag time! I saw this awesome new tag on Twitter made by the lovely @CaitlinALambert of Quills and Coffee. She didn't officially tag me, but  when I asked if I could do it, she was happy to let me jump in! First, the rules according to Caitlin:  RULES: Thank the person who tagged you Link to the… Continue reading Voices of YA Tag

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Spring 2017 Bi-Monthly Goals

It's the beginning of the quarter and you know what that means. Time to see how I faired with my winter 2016 quarterly goals. Remember, to succeed, I need to have completed at least half of my goals. Winter 2016 Quarterly Goals  Finish #12DaysofChrismas Series. This did not happen. I got very busy with my WIP and my… Continue reading Spring 2017 Bi-Monthly Goals