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Author Interview: Cassie Shiels

For another author interview, please welcome Cassie Shiels!

My name is Cassie M. Shiels. I am a multi-genre author. I love to write both clean contemporary romance and Young Adult speculative fiction. I love reading multi-genre’s so it didn’t surprise me that I wanted to write in multiple genre’s too. My newest book is called, Love by Consequence but I am also working hard on a YA retelling of Sleeping beauty, that will firmly be in the fantasy category., hopefully soon that one will come out too.

Where you can find me on Social media:

My website is:

I am also a on goodreads.

My books are all available on amazon. Most of them are on Kindle unlimited and they are also in eBook and paperback format. So however you like to read.

If I could be a mythical being or creature: If I were a mythical being I would have to be a sorceress because who doesn’t want magical powers and a creature: I would have to be a dragon, they are beautiful, smart, they can fly and they can blow fire. Um… yes.


  1. One of my newest books is titled: Love by Consequence. It is the first book of a five book series of my bridal shop romances. It is a clean contemporary romance. I promise it is squeaky clean but still full of romance. What drew me into writing this was my own personal experience as a bridal consultant for 4 years. I thought what a fun setting to tie a book series together.
  2. I came up with the idea for this book from my own personal experiences working in a bridal shop. I also really wanted to write a book that took place in the winter and the story grew from there.
  3. The nice thing about this series is it won’t be required to read them in order. If you read them out of order you might wonder how Joan and her guy but it won’t ruin the current story. Otherwise you can read them separately. In the first book you do get to meet all five of the girls briefly who will star in their own individual books. I hope you will like them enough to be excited to hear their own love stories. Also it will be fun to get little tidbits about how the girls in the first books are doing after their stories.
  4. This book does have a unique theme. It is all about how important it is to have a dream and to fight for it. Yet how you can adjust your dream in a way that makes it even better than ever before mostly because you will have someone you love to share it with. In general I am a good wins against evil kind of girl and that if you work hard enough for it you can earn what you want deep in your heart.
  5. I relate the most to Kasey from this book series. She is shy, likes action, mystery and supernatural TV shows. She also has a large family who she loves but doesn’t live with them. She knows when to be quiet and when to step up and our names are pretty close.
  6. Behind the scenes: Okay one of my favorite jobs when I worked at the bridal store was ironing the dresses in the back room. It was hard to do for hours if the store was slow but it was a lot of fun. I really wanted to include a scene where you got to see what fun it was in the steaming room. I gave that to my readers in this book. Another fun behind the scenes tidbit I can share is I rewrote the beginning of this book like six times. Originally it started with Joan in her car but that isn’t how it begins now.
  7. The other books in the series are called: book 2 Love by Luck, book 3 Love by Trickery, book 4 Love by Design, Book 5 Love by request. Love by luck is Darice’s story. Love by Trickery is Kacey’s story. Love by Design is Marietta’s story, Love by Request is Abby’s story. Love by Luck hopefully will come out Before 2019, I’m shooting for November, if not it will be early January and I’m hoping Love by Trickery will come out shortly after.
  8. One thing I wished I would have known was how many words I was really shooting for and how many chapters I really wanted to have. I think it would have made for less  guess work . Now that I have that figured out for book 1, matching it will be easier for the rest of the books. So have a bit of plan. I knew I wanted my books to be novella’s but that is a huge word count range. Now that I know I’m shooting for 40,000 words it is going to be a lot easier to plan my other books. My advice for those who are revising is to read your manuscript like a reader and see what feels off. Put your writer brain on time out and let your reader brain come out.
  9. I would choose today. I know boring, but I like modern things like indoor plumbing, bubble baths, hot cocoa, fun TV shows, lots of books. I also have Celiac disease and it is far easier to eat things with that limiting diet now then ever before, and I like food a lot!
  10. One book I think everyone should read at least once in general is Harry Potter. They are all worth it. As for a writing book, hands down read, The fantasy fiction Formula. Doesn’t matter your genre you write you can learn a lot !! If writing Romance I also really loved , Romancing the Beat!

Thanks for the great interview, Cassie Shiels. Don’t forget to follow her on all of her social media and follow this blog to get updated whenever I post new content.

As always, keep making magic, word weavers!


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