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Book Review: Legend — Invisible World

Check out this review of Marie Lu's Legend! It was wonderful to see something truly original in dystopian than the usual books that flood the YA market. I see books all the time that claim to be the latest Hunger Games, but this book truly is similar without copying plot or mimicking characters. The world… Continue reading Book Review: Legend — Invisible World

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to come on here and give you guys a quick update because I know my blogging schedule has not been up to it's usual standards. There are three main reasons for that. I was published! An extended (and cleaner version of my short story "Prom Panic" was published in the… Continue reading Update!

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Character Creation: The Etymology of Choosing Names

Names are one of the most important aspects to creating characters, because how can you write a story about someone if you don’t even know what to call them? Sometimes, like with my current work in progress, names just come to you based on what you know about your cast. When I started writing Work… Continue reading Character Creation: The Etymology of Choosing Names