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Song of the Dryad Part One: The Dryad

For the next three weeks, I will be posting my three-part short story, Song of the Dryad. Enjoy. Note: This story is an expansion of 9 Shining Jewels  Summary: The Northern Hunt has been out for the blood of all magical creatures for as long as Shanya can remember, but as beings whose sole purpose is to… Continue reading Song of the Dryad Part One: The Dryad

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I’m Being Published!

This week, I have some exciting news to share that I've been keeping under wraps for a while until things are finalized. I'm being published! One of my flash fictions, Unknown Adventures, is being included in the eighth issue of Fantasia Divinity Magazine along with seven other pieces from talented authors. It will be released… Continue reading I’m Being Published!

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Trip through Time

Hey everyone. I feel really bad about not posting  lately, so this week, I’m going to try to offer two flash fictions. This first one is something I wrote for a creative writing class. The prompt was to write about a teenager discovering they have superpowers  using a point of view I’ve never used before.… Continue reading Trip through Time

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Homecoming Hijinks

Sorry about the lack of flash fiction last week, but in exchange, I’m posting two this week. One today and one tomorrow. 2/25/16 prompt from Daily Flash Fiction Prompts on FB:  First line: The body lay crumpled in the corner… Genre: romance story use the words "milkshake, pogo stick, Cadillac, Winchester, glue stick" somewhere in… Continue reading Homecoming Hijinks

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“DNA Doesn’t Make a Family, Love Does” -Lena Adams, The Fosters

“Ben?” Gena called, leaning over the arm of the couch and pecking him on the lips to draw his attention away from the game on T.V. “Hi, honey,” he murmured as a small smile curved onto his lips at the unexpected kiss. “What’s up?” Gena came around to stand next to him.   She fiddled with… Continue reading “DNA Doesn’t Make a Family, Love Does” -Lena Adams, The Fosters

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Ballet Blunder

This flash fiction was inspired by a prompt in a daily flash fiction  group on Facebook. Enjoy! 2/22/16 Monday prompt word stew. Put these words together to make a 200 word piece: Coffee; lunge; ballerina; chocolate chip muffin; yellow; donkey kick “Seriously, Mom?” Amelia groaned as she stumbled out of the dressing room, still tugging at… Continue reading Ballet Blunder