Flash Fiction, Singles

Guilty Pleasures

A poem instead of  a short story this time. One of the first romance things I wrote for a class last year, in keeping  with the “Love” theme of the last two weeks.

I remove the heart-shaped lid

As red and raw as the organ itself

Beating rapidly against my chest


An apology, no doubt

But I’m too stubborn to forgive


I finger the hardened glazes

Possibilities swirling in my mind

Like the sweet decoration

Used to mask mysterious centers


There’s a simple one in the corner

Nothing more than a dark brown square

Reminding me of the coldness brewing in his stare

But I pick it up anyway


As I bite through the thin shell

Raw tartness seeps over my taste buds


I’m taken back to that night

Tears stream down my face


The harsh, uncensored words

Taste like the raspberry

Bursting on my tongue


I swallow quickly

And pick up another

Eager to rid myself of the memory


A sphere, layered in light chocolate

Bathed with coffee-colored cream


I sink my teeth into the coating

Cautious of letting the flavor linger

For fear of what else it might bring


The sticky saltiness alarms me

I can hear his laugh

Ill-humored jokes at another’s expense

I blink the acidic burn from my eyes


When the cruel ache finally disappears

A silk-like mousse spreads beyond my lips

Thick and smooth

As his warm embrace


I can hesitate no longer

Before throwing on my trench

And dashing into the pouring rain


Droplets pounding on the pavement

Mimic my hammering heart

As I race toward his dimly lit house

If you want to give me suggestions for my flash fictions, head to my Facebook Page and comment on my #SuggestionBox posts. More information HERE.  

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