I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked when he asked if I wanted a kiss.

We’d just met after all, and I only knew his name because SAMUEL was printed on his tag in thick black letters. Still, he was cute. He had hazel eyes that sparkled even in the horrid fluorescent lighting, and a quirky, lopsided smile that screamed dork, but in a charming way.

I chanced a quick glance around, but the place was empty. No one would care if we just shared a quick peck. And even if they did, I was single, so what did it really matter?

My eyes met his, and for an instant, I was sitting in our college dorm, Danny’s arm draped around my shoulder as we snuggled together on that putrid green sofa that he claimed was a “family heirloom.” I chuckled to myself, remembering how I only let him keep it because he put up with my obscene Disney obsession.

I grinned back at him and brushed my bangs to the side, inching forward as my eyes drifted closed.

Nothing happened.

My lips stayed puckered and I waited a beat. Then two.

“Um, Miss?”

I opened my eyes to find Samuel frowning. He cocked his head to the side and surveyed me up and down, before holding out his open palm, where a silver-wrapped teardrop shape rested.

That’s when I remembered; we were in a candy shop.

“Do you still want that kiss?”