Flash Fiction

Petals cover
Her heart may be broken, but she can still have some fun. Read More
Kiss BG
Just one kiss… Read More
Writer's Woes BG
All Ellen wanted was one real vacation… Read More
Pretendng BG
If only make-believe was real… Read More
Love's War BG
It’s all about vengeance in a lover’s war…Read More
Family Matters
Sometimes, she really wished it wasn’t a “family matter”
Ballet Blunder BG
“Face it, Mom, I’m just too clumsy to be a ballerina.” Read More
Cat's Meow bg
“Iway inkthay Iway awsay away iraclemay!” (I think I saw a miracle!) Read More
Flash Fic 11
“I want to adopt Bridget.” So much for easing him into it. Read More
flash fic 12
Why does he get to be who ever he wants to be, while we are stuck as ourselves? Read More
HH Banner
“That’s what he gets, convincing me to let him throw a Halloween party on homecoming night in Winchester.” Read More
Going Home pic
“That’s it! The old man has gone too far this time!” Read More
The Fantome Queen Banner
If she is to escape her mother’s hellish fate, Charlotte must face her worst fear. She must become what she was always destined to be. She must become The Fatôme Queen. Part I
In a blink, the room dissolves around you and everything changes. Read More
Prom was perfewct… Getting ready was a disaster