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Author Interview: Bokerah Brumley

Please welcome author Bokerah Brumley!

Intro: What’s your name, what do you write, where can readers find you on social media? And just for fun, if you could be any mythological being, what or who would you be?

My name is Bokerah Brumley. I am a speculative fiction—all sorts of science fiction and fantasy. Though, I have been known to dabble in contemporary sweet romance. I spend most of my social media time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’m @bokerah on all of them. If I could be anything, I think I would have to be a mermaid.

1. What got you interested in writing? 

Reading got me interested in writing. I loved reading so much that I wanted to write my own stories. I’ve been doing that since I was little.

  1. When did you become SERIOUS about writing?

I’ve always been a writer, but I suppose that I became serious about publishing in 2015. It dawned on me that I didn’t have to wait for a publishing house to realize that I was worth their time. I joined a writers’ group, and they encouraged me to try writing a novella. That was the first thing I published. Since then, I’ve secured several small/indie press contracts and continued to self-publish.

  1. What inspired your most recent release?

My most recent release… I’ve had quite a few of them. My latest novel is middle-grade novel called Imani Earns Her Cape. I love world building, and I wanted to write an adventure story for girls that included visiting other worlds.


  1. What is the book about?

Imani is a Fae girl that’s living just outside of Washington, D.C. Her mother is an ambassador to the President from the Fae world, but she’d more like an advisor. Yet Imani wants to be able to use magic, and she has to return to the Fae world for a coming of age ceremony.

  1. What are the characters like?

Imani’s mother is strong, steadfast, and tender-hearted. Imani is constantly imagining what it would be like to be someone else, but she wants most to be able to be herself. 

  1. Who should pick up your book and why?

While I think anyone might enjoy it, I think kids should pick it up. Imani doesn’t come from a happily-ever-after home. She has some hard truths to deal with, but she wants to be the best she can be. Like all of my works, I want people to come away with a sense of hope and wonder.

  1. Favorite quote from your own work?

Well, it’s not from Imani Earns Her Cape, but I really like the Ten Commandments of Testing that I put in Door No. Four, a short story that’s in the Mythical Doorways anthology.

  1. Traditional or Self-publishing? Why?

 Both, if you can. Always both. It’s the best way to reach a huge variety of markets, and I’m a big fan of not putting all my eggs in one basket.

  1. If you could only write in one genre for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Oh my… Probably fantasy. I can do a lot of things with magic. I could even utilize science fantasy a bit.

  1. Name one book that affected the way you write?

All the books I read impact the way I write. I can’t read anything without finding things that I love about each author, things that I take notes from. There’s something to be learned in all works. Though, I would say that Nick Cole and Jason Anspach’s Galaxy’s Edge series made me think about story telling differently. Also, Coiled by H.L. Burke did the same thing.

  1. Three authors you recommend and why?

 George MacDonald and H. L. Burke, of course, and I recommend Roy M. Griffis also, but my recommendations change based on what genre I am interested in at the time. My likes are eclectic.  

  1. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

I would make people comfortable in their own skin, happy to live out their own threads in the tapestry without envy or hate toward someone else. Everyone has their own thread, their part in the bigger whole. When one begrudges the other’s part, for better or worse, then it’s not good for the whole. It’s okay to be different.

  1. What do you believe is your main purpose/motivation as a writer?

To tell good stories. After that, I’d like to be able to make a little money doing it.

  1. What’s your favorite writing-related memory?

 I surprised someone with something I had written. They were surprised it was so good (their words not mine). That’s been my most recent one. 

  1. What’s a favorite moment you’ve had with a fan/someone who’s read your work?

 I don’t know. I live in a tiny town, so I rarely meet people that have read my work. I suppose it was when I wrote for the local newspaper. A lady came up to me and said that she read the county paper for two reasons—my article and one other’s.

  1. One fun fact most people don’t know about you?

I own peacocks—peafowl (plus a lot of other creatures), and I have blue hair. Though, if you know me at all, you would already know those two things about me.

  1. One piece of advice you would give to new writers?

 Stay teachable, and don’t give up.

Thank you for a great interview. Follow Bokerah @bokerah on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

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