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Wanted: Podcast Narrator

Do you like to read? Are you an aspiring voice actress with a passion for telling stories? Do you like listening to podcasts? Maybe you’ve even thought of starting one of your own, but just haven’t known where to begin? Then this opportunity might be for you!

WANTED: A narrator for my podcast, Claerie’s Tales, a weekly show where readers will be taken on new, exciting adventures every Wednesday through the power of words.

THE PROCESS: On the first day of the month, the narrator will be sent four of my original short stories in a variety of genres including contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, and several sub-genres. Each story will total between 500-3000 words. The narrator will be asked to record the stories within a week of receiving them, then return the audio files to me for editing/insertion into the podcast. (If they have the skills, they may edit the recordings themselves, but this is not required).

REQUIREMENTS: No experience necessary, but most of my stories are written for YA/NA audiences and feature female protagonists, so I am primarily looking for a female narrator who enjoys the genres/categories I mentioned. Everyone who contacts me will be required to audition by reading a 500-word sample of a short story, which I will provide.

PAYMENT: As I am just starting out, this will be a volunteer position with the stipulation that, if you are a writer/author, I will edit or copy write twice the amount of words I send you for each round of podcasting. (i.e. If I send you 2,000 words, I will edit up to 4,000 words of your manuscript or copy write up to 4,000 words for your website, newsletters etc. free of charge). If you request editing services, I can either provide content, line, or copy editing.

THE SCHEDULE: Auditions are open NOW! I hope to select a narrator and send out the first batch of short stories by June 25th, so that I may start posting podcasts by July 4th.

TO AUDITION: Contact me via email ( with the subject line PODCAST AUDITION and a brief description of yourself, your experience, and why you’re interested in working with me.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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