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Author Interview: Laura Beers

Say hello to Regency Spy Romance Writer, Laura Beers!

Intro: What’s your name, what do you write, where can readers find you on social media? And just for fun, if you could be any mythological being, what or who would you be?

 My name is Laura Beers and I write Regency Spy Romance novels. I am most active on Facebook:

 My blog is located at 

If I could be any mythological being, I would be a mermaid. After all, it worked out well for Ariel.

  1. What got you interested in writing?

When I was younger, I wanted to be a writer, but life got in the way of my dreams. I majored in Construction Management at BYU and worked as a project engineer for a large commercial general contractor in San Diego, CA. After I had children, I barely had time to go to the bathroom alone, much less write down my book ideas. Eventually, I realized I had a story worth sharing and decided to write it down.

  1. When did you become SERIOUS about writing?

Even after I decided to write a book, it took months before I had the courage to start. The writing process was hard, and I walked away… multiple times. It takes a lot of courage to put your words on paper.

  1. What inspired your book?

I have always wanted to be a princess and a spy. So, I combined the daughter of a duke and an agent of the Crown, creating a bad-ass female spy. Now it has turned into an amazing series, known as The Beckett Files. 

  1. What is the book about?

Saving Shadow is based in 1813, and Lady Eliza has become England’s top spy, but at what cost? As she partners with the handsome Lord Sinclair, they must learn to trust each other when tasked with bringing down a ruthless man and his brutal empire of abduction and slavery.

  1. What are the characters like?

My characters have flaws, major psychological issues stemming from their youth and struggle for acceptance. However, the story is light-hearted and fun. They are constantly engaging in witty banter.

  1. Who should pick up your book and why?

My book is a clean read and can be read by all YAs. Even though it touches on white slavery, it does not delve too deeply into the depravity of the women’s situation.

  1. Favorite quote from your own work?

I don’t have one. 

  1. Traditional or Self-publishing? Why?

Hybrid. I use Phase Publishing and it has been a dream.  

  1. If you could only write in one genre for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Regency. I am fascinated with this period of England’s history. Gentlemen were true and honorable, ladies were virtuous, but at the same time, mistresses were kept and encouraged. It was a time of hypocrisy, but many did fight for truth and justice. Besides, England was at war with France and America so there is a plethora of spy stories to be told.

  1. Name one book that affected the way you write?

Lady Lockwood. I love the story line and I enjoyed the witty banter between the characters.

  1. Three authors you recommend and why?

Rebecca Connolly, Emily Daniels, and Jennifer Moore. Their books are always entertaining and worth the money. 

  1. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Be kind. If everyone took the time to listen to another’s problems with compassion, the world would be a better place.

  1. What do you believe is your main purpose/motivation as a writer?

To create stories that are wholesome and worthwhile.

  1. What’s your favorite writing-related memory?

I told my kids that I was on the radio and they just ignored me. Apparently, cartoons are far more interesting than listening to Mom on the radio.

  1. What’s a favorite moment you’ve had with a fan/someone who’s read your work?

I have a reader that lives in France, and she is amazing. However, I am shocked my series has not offended her yet. My books are based in 1813, during the Napoleonic Wars, and my characters have an open disdain for the French. Even though my books constantly insult this reader’s heritage, she sent me a Christmas card. It was much appreciated.

  1. One fun fact most people don’t know about you?

I have sweet dance moves on the tube. When my family goes waterskiing, we have a dance off on the tube as the boat tows us across Lake Mead. We take turns showcasing our unique dance moves as the other family members judge us from the boat. 

  1. One piece of advice you would give to new writers?

Keep writing. Don’t stop. There are some days you are going to think you are the greatest writer ever, and the next you will say your work is crap. Trust me, if I can publish a book… you can!

Thank you, Laura! If you enjoy Regency Romance, be sure to check out her books and follow her blog  and find her on Facebook

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