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Hey, my lovelies! I’ve been away from the blog for a bit and I’m sorry about that. I do have a good excuse though: I FINISHED MY BOOK! Well, the first draft, anyway. Now to commence with a momentous round of revisions. I’m actually strangely looking forward to this part because as overwhelming as it is, picking out problems and repairing them, even in my own work, has always been easier for me than cranking out that first draft. That said, I know I have a lot of work in front of me, especially because this is the first time that I wrote something longer than 10k without some form of a plan. Expect a post about the lessons I learned about my writing throughout this drafting process coming soon.

Also, I will still be finishing the #Strikeback series, though on a more weekly basis AND my author interview series is back up. This week’s is from author Dr. Jim Ford!

Thanks for sticking with me and as always, keep making magic word weavers!

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