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#Strikeback Day 7 (Day 15)

Shoutout to Mollie Reads, a really cool booktuber!

Day 7 

Favorite Things About BookTube/AuthorTube

  1. The Community

Booktube and Authortube have introduced me to so many amazing people. I’ll go into more detail about the specifics of this particular topic when I do you some more booktube/authortube, but the amount of comradery among these communities is nothing short of awesome and always encourages me when I’m having trouble with my own writing. I love you guys.

2. The Recommendations 

My TBR has like quadrupled in size since I started watching booktube. Though at times it can be a bit overwhelming, I love that I will pretty much never run out of things to read! Check out my list on Goodreads to see what I’m reading next.

  1. The Honesty 

People on booktube and authotube aren’t afraid to voice their true opinions on books, publishing, and everything in between. It takes a lot of courage to be that honest on camera to a bunch of virtual strangers and its something I greatly admire.


1 Favorite books you’ve read because of booktube (Any number of favorite reads you’d like to mention)

2 5 books you really want to read this year (Any genre no real limits here.)

3 Favorite fantasy reads (Any number just limited to fantasy, YA or NA or Middle Grade it’s all fair game.)

4 favorite music and favorite book (The favorite songs that make you think of particular books)

5 Sequels I want to read (Any number, no big limitations.)

6 bookish merch collection (No real limits here either.)

7 Classic I want to read

8 Book, boyfriends/Girlfriends (Let’s face it we’ve all wanted to date a book character at more than one point)

9 Cover buys

10 “Small” Booktuber shout out 1

11 Series I won’t finish

12 favorite bookish romances

13 quick reads recommendations

14 disappointing reads

15 favorite things about book tube

16 auto-buy authors

17 top 10 TBR books

18 Series I want to finish

19 What is monetization on YouTube/Do I monetize (Choose to talk about either monetization or whether you do/n’t and why.)

20 5 “Small” Channels shoutouts

21 Favorite moments in the last year in the BookTube community?

22 Something you look forward to in the future of YouTube

23 Why did you join BookTube?

24 5 Channel Starting Tips 25 What has been one of the more trying videos to make since you started booktube?

26 Twitter, Goodreads, and BookTube Oh My (Discuss the way the community interacts and some highlights from your perspective)

27 Behind The BookTube (Talk about your setup to film and edit)

28 Channels That Inspire You (not exactly a shoutout video, and it doesn’t need to be just booktube channels.)

29 Bookshelf Tour

30 5 More “Small” Channel Shoutouts

Until tomorrow! And as always, keep making magic, word weavers!

Question of the Day: What do you love about the online writing community?42917 Signature

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