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#StrikeBack Day 4 (Day 12)

Welcome back to the #Strikeback series. If you had read my previous posts, or if you’re new to my blog, check out all the details HERE.  It’s day four, February 2nd and today we’re talking about romances! Before we get into that though, it’s time for a shout out! Today’s goes to Vivien Reis, an indie author who just had her book trailer reveal for her first book, The Elysian Prophecy. Check it out on her Youtube Channel. 

Congrats, Vivian! and now, onto the topic!

Day 4 

Favorite Bookish Romances 


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  1. Grace and Sam: The Wolves of Mercy Falls by Maggie 

Disclaimer: It’s been quite awhile since I read these books.

That said, even though their romance was very distinctly “teen” and fell in line with the Twilight era in some ways, I also remember it being very sweet and genuine. Plus, I’ve always been a fan of werewolves  over vampires. (Yes, I was team Jacob, don’t judge!).


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2. Gemma and Kartik: The Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray 

What I love about these two is how dedicated they are to one another. Lots of YA love interests say that will go to the ends of the Earth for one another, but these two actually do. I can’t say any more without creeping into almost-spoiler territory, but these two are a perfect fit for one another. And Kartik’s bad-boy exterior doesn’t hurt either.


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3. Percy and Annabeth: Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan 

At first glance, these two might seem like your typically hate-to-love trouble as far as how their relationship progresses. And, I’m not gonna lie, there’s definitely some of that present. But what I like about these two is that they’re not just romantic interests for each other. For the majority of the first three books, they are genuine friends. Their romance doesn’t feel like insta-love, and they both make the other better. Percy teaches Annabeth how to walk on the wild side while Annabeth teaches Percy to use his energy and loyalty constructively to become a great asset in battle.


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4. Annabel and Owen: Just Listen by Sara Dessen 

When I really like about Sara’s books is that even though they are romances each of the characters has their own demons to overcome as well. Just Listen was the first Sara Dessen book I read. Owen and Anna are intriguing to me because of the way they support one another and accept each other for who they are, rather than one person changing to be a better fit for the other.


1 Favorite books you’ve read because of booktube (Any number of favorite reads you’d like to mention)

2 5 books you really want to read this year (Any genre no real limits here.)

3 Favorite fantasy reads (Any number just limited to fantasy, YA or NA or Middle Grade it’s all fair game.)

4 favorite music and favorite book (The favorite songs that make you think of particular books)

5 Sequels I want to read (Any number, no big limitations.)

6 bookish merch collection (No real limits here either.)

7 Classic I want to read

8 Book, boyfriends/Girlfriends (Let’s face it we’ve all wanted to date a book character at more than one point)

9 Cover buys

10 “Small” Booktuber shout out

11 Series I won’t finish

12 favorite bookish romances

13 quick reads recommendations

14 disappointing reads

15 favorite things about book tube

16 auto-buy authors

17 top 10 TBR books

18 Series I want to finish

19 What is monetization on YouTube/Do I monetize (Choose to talk about either monetization or whether you do/n’t and why.)

20 5 “Small” Channels shoutouts

21 Favorite moments in the last year in the BookTube community?

22 Something you look forward to in the future of YouTube

23 Why did you join BookTube?

24 5 Channel Starting Tips 25 What has been one of the more trying videos to make since you started booktube?

26 Twitter, Goodreads, and BookTube Oh My (Discuss the way the community interacts and some highlights from your perspective)

27 Behind The BookTube (Talk about your setup to film and edit)

28 Channels That Inspire You (not exactly a shoutout video, and it doesn’t need to be just booktube channels.)

29 Bookshelf Tour

30 5 More “Small” Channel Shoutouts

Question of the day: What’s one bookish romance that makes you swoon?

Until tomorrow! And as always, keep making magic, word weavers!

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