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Keeper Book Tag!

I put up a poll on Twitter asking what you guys wanted to see next, and y’all voted for either a short story or book tag. I’m going to do both, but since the short story will take a little longer to polish, I thought it would be fun to start with the book tag.

This particular tag was started by Kim Chance for her upcoming novel Keeper. It will be released on January 30th from Flux Books and is available for preorder right now.

Onto the tag!

1. Keeper: a book you’ll “KEEP” reading over and over. 


Image description: Picture of a 16-year-old boy standing waist deep in stormy water, facing toward the horizon and holding a lightning bolt behind his head like a javelin.

“Being a half-blood is dangerous. It’s scary. Most of the time, it gets you killed in painful, nasty ways.”

Percy Jackson – The Lightning Thief 

This cover makes me angry because it’s modeled after the movie, which in no way, shape, or form can even hold a candle to the book, but that’s a story for another time. I found Percy Jackson when I was about fourteen and completely out of stuff to read. I’d been browsing the bookstore, but nothing piqued my interest. I picked this one up on a whim. I think the third book had just come out and so there were copies of the series lining nearly a whole wall (at least, that’s what it looked like to 14-year-old me). I floundered for a bit, but finally thought, “What the heck?” and downloaded it to my Kindle. This series holds a special place in my heart because it reignited my love of reading and was the first of many books to introduce me to the various worlds of ancient mythos. To this day, Riordan’s sense of humor still makes me laugh, and I always go back to it when I want to read something fun and lighthearted.

2. Lainey & Maggie: Fav bookish friendship


Image description: A black and white photo of a girl from the waist down, in a black t-shirt and washed-out jeans. Over the picture is the title “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” in a medium pink and beneath that is the author’s name in denim blue.

“You know what the secret is? It’s so simple. We love one another. We’re nice to one another. Do you know how rare that is?” – Carmen

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares 

The quote kind of says it all. Though this series was never my favorite as a teenager, I really appreciated the value in finding a YA Contemporary in which the main female characters were not constantly at each other’s throats. Sure, they had fights like all girlfriends do, but at their core they loved each other. Even as their lives went down vastly different paths through the series, they never lost sight of what really matters – sticking together through thick and thin. I find that entirely too rare in YA these days.

3. Which Witch: Fav bookish witch/warlock


Image description: The back of a young teen girl with pale skin and red hair wearing a cream white corset. Her face is turned to the right, looking down.

“Because you don’t notice the light without a bit of shadow. Everything has both dark and light. You have to play with it till you get it exactly right.” 

A Great and Terrible Beauty 

Gemma isn’t a witch in the traditional Harry Potter sense, but that’s part of what I love about her. I have to admit, it’s been far too long since I’ve read this book, but I still think the magic used is one of the most unique types I’ve read about. It’s dark and gritty, but beautiful and alluring at the same time. In fact, I may just have to pick this up and re-experience it when I’m done writing this post.

4. The Master: A book villain you love to hate


 “Hope, it is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective, a lot of hope is dangerous. A spark is fine, as long as it’s contained.”

Image description: A black background with the Mockingjay pin on the left side.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins 

I know that quote is from the movie, but what’s great/horrible about President Snow is that he’s not intimidating or scary because he wants to take over the world or seek revenge, or any of the other typical villain motives. He’s scary because he truly believes in the “eye for an eye” philosophy as the best way to keep the peace, and he knows how to use hope as a way to manipulate his subjects just enough to keep them under his iron-clad fist.

5. Kim Chance: A book you’re glad you took a “CHANCE” on


Image description: A woman’s leg from the calf down. She’s wearing a red high heel and part of her metallic bones can be seen through the skin. The foot sits on black/midnight blue background that fades to white.

“Even in the future, the story begins with, ‘Once Upon a Time.’”  – Marissa Meyer

Cinder by Marissa Meyer  

I picked up this book not long after Winter came out. I had been avoiding it for awhile because, honestly, the premise just didn’t do it for me. I like Cinderella, but Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite fairy tale. I didn’t see how making Cinder a cyborg would change much. Once again though, I was out of reading material and decided to take the leap. Needless to say, I was hooked, and haven’t looked back since. Read my review here.

6. Gareth & Serena: Favorite non-bood/non-related family


Image description: Harry and Hermione riding Buckbeak.

“He was my mum and dad’s best friend. He’s a convicted murderer, but he’s broken out of wizard prison and he’s on the run. He likes to keep in touch with me, though…keep up with my news…check if I’m happy…” 

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling 

Harry and Sirus. Need I say more?

7. Ty: favorite mysterious male character


Image description: A young girl with long red hair and white wings in a tan dress on a green, sparkling background, looking down and away from the reader.

“All choices are fraught with peril, but inaction is the most perilous of all.” from The Lost Queen, #3 in The Faerie Path series.

Evan from The Faerie Path by Allen Frewin Jones 

Evan starts out as the MC, Anita’s, sweet, small-town, perfect boyfriend, but a mysterious accident soon reveals there’s more to both of them than she ever thought possible.

8. Holy Crapkittens: A book you had a strong reaction to


Image description: My apologizes, but I have no idea how to describe this cover. Share in the description if you do.

Risked by Margaret Peterson Haddix 

Her Missing series was one of the first historical fantasy/sci-fi series I read after realizing that genre was actually a thing, and this book was by far my favorite, as it features a historical fiction take on the story of Anastasia Romanov, one of the most tragic yet fascinating events in history.

9. Magic Always Leaves a Mark- A book that had a big impact on you


Image description: A grayscale headshot of a young girl with short light hair, on a blue background. To the left is a gold necklace with a Star of David charm.

“And they are beginning to realize that the world they live in is a place where the right thing is often hard, sometimes dangerous, and frequently unpopular.” 

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry 

Another book I haven’t read in far too long. It was one of the only school assigned readings I genuinely remember enjoying, and the first one I ever read that dealt with what the Jewish community had to endure during WWII. Though a Middle Grade book, I remember it being extremely potent and a unique take on the war from the perspective of a young child.

I tag all of you reading this.


1. Keeper: a book you’ll “KEEP” reading over and over

2. Lainey & Maggie: Fav bookish friendship

3. Which Witch: Fav bookish witch/warlock

4. The Master: A book villain you love to hate

5. Kim Chance: A book you’re glad you took a “CHANCE” on

6. Gareth & Serena: Favorite non-bood/non-related family
7. Ty: favorite mysterious male character

8. Holy Crapkittens: A book you had a strong reaction to

9. Magic Always Leaves a Mark- A book that had a big impact on you

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