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October/November Bi-Monthly Goals

Happy 1st day of Halloween to all my Bootiful readers who celebrate, and happy Fall to all! (Hey, that rhymed ;)) It’s October, so you know what that means! No, not pumpkin carvings or cemetery creep and crawls (at least, not this time ;)). It means it’s time to find out how I faired with August and September’s bi-monthly goals and make some new ones!

Remember, to be successful, I have to have completed more than 50% of my goals. Lets see how I did!

  1. Write 1,000 words per week I’m giving myself this one, because I wrote this list I’ve made it my goal to write 1000 word per day and since September 11th, I’ve written over 16,000 words-more than double what my per-week goal would have yielded. *cue victory dance* 1/1 points 
  2. Write at least one blog post per week I did this! Including posting my three-part flash fiction series Song of the Dryad. 1/1 points 
  3. Write three new chapters of The Trinketeer I did not do this. I wrote two more chapters and then got stuck and instead started a new romance novella that I am currently halfway through. .5/1 point 
  4. Get 5 new editing clients I did this and then some. You all have been so wonderful to work with these past few months. I’ve gotten to read and edit so many great books and the authors behind them are even more awesome! 1/1 points 
  5. Come up with new marketing strategies to advertise my editing services This is an ongoing work in progress, but I do have a Back to School 20% off deal running right now. I count that as a win! 1/1 points 
  6. Prep #DreamWIP questions for September Prepped and ready! 1/1 points
  7. Host a successful #DreamWIP Another #DreamWIP come and gone. Already thinking of themes for November. What do you say to a world-building round focusing on holidays? 1/1 points 
  8. Post to Instagram eight times Hahaha nope. 0/1 points 
  9. Review at least two books I’m currently listening to the audiobook of Kyle Schultz’s Beast of Talesend   but have yet to review it. 0/1 points 
  10. Secure two more authors to write guest posts I did this! In fact, you’ll be seeing a lot of awesome guest posts for the month of October! I’m excited! 1/1 points 

Final Score: 7.5/10 Success!

My goals for November and December are:

  1. Write 1,000 words per day
  2. Finish my romance WIP
  3. Get five new editing clients
  4.  Come up with new marketing strategies to advertise my editing services 
  5. Review at least 2 books 
  6. Order business cards for my services 
  7. Get four more client reviews 
  8. Start collecting extras (character sketches, deleted scenes etc. from my WIP for my blog) 

That’s it! What are your goals for this quarter? Drop them in the comments below and as always, keep making magic, word weavers!

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