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Author Interview: Beatrice Delrow

And we’re back with another author interview from my awesome friend Bey! Fun fact: she published her first book at the age of only 18!

 Intro: What is your name, what do you write, where can readers find you on social media, and where can readers find your book? And just for fun, if you could be any mythical being or creature, who or what would you be?

*waves excitedly* Hi there! I’m Beatrice (but most people call me Bey), I write YA, and you awesome peeps can find me on Twitter (@beatrice_delrow), Instagram (@beatricedelrow), Goodreads (Beatrice Delrow), and on my blog (! You can find Into the Shadows on any of the following sites:



(It’s also available on Kobo, the Apple Store, and !ndigo.)

If I could be any mythological being, I’d probably be an elf princess like Arwen, daughter of Elrond, King of Rivendell. Totally not a Lord of the Rings fan. 😉

  1. You have a passion for YA novels, and you published your first book at only 18! Had you written books before Into the Shadows or was this your first venture into writing?

I’ve always been into writing, but I’d never written anything this long before! So I’d say it was my first major venture into writing.

2. What was the writing process like for Into the Shadows? Are you a planner, pantser, or somewhere in between? 

I actually started writing Into the Shadows just for fun—it was something I did before going to sleep. I guess you could say it was my bedtime story (except I was writing it, instead of reading it). I think I’m both, but I’m pretty sure I fall closer to the pantser part of the scale. 😁

3. Do you find there are central themes or elements that are unique to your books? (For example, are you drawn to anti-heroes, antagonists, certain settings etc.) Why do those things stand out to you?

For one, I absolutely love female protagonists who know how to fight. I kind’a jump out of my seat every time a female MC either reveals or discovers that she can hold her own in the ring. I think it’s the underdog syndrome…I love when the underestimated girl suddenly blows everyone’s minds because she’s stronger than they all expected her to be.

4. Your book is very different from your typical day to day life (as it should be). What or who was your biggest inspiration?

Hahaha! Oh, I’ve always been a fan of the spy world (As a kid, I used to sneak around the house with my Kim Possible walkie-talkie, pretending I was a spy on a secret mission), so my fascination with all things espionage was one of my biggest inspirations.

5. What character would you say you relate to the most?

I definitely relate with Anya (my MC) the most. I think one of the biggest things she and I share is our perception and our deep sense of self-awareness. It’s hard for us to lie to ourselves, because many times, even if we try to, there’s no denying the fact that somewhere inside, we know the truth.

6. Give us your best behind the scenes story from writing the book? 

To make sure my first fight scene (when the Syndicate tried to kidnap Anya) made sense, I acted it out in my room…while my brother watched me. 😂

7. I know from chatting with you on social media and following your blog that you decided to be homeschooled in high school and because of that recently got the opportunity to travel to Italy! How have those experiences influenced your writing?

Oh! It’s definitely given me more ideas for places my characters could travel to as well as different personalities for possible new characters.

8. Since you started your blog in January, you have been nominated for two awards, The One Lovely Blog Award and The Liebster Award. Can you tell us a little bit about each of them and how you were nominated?

The One Lovely Blog award was something I was nominated for pretty much by chance. I read one of my blogger friend’s posts about that same award, and she did something really smart—she nominated the nth likers of that post (I just so happened to be the 13th), so that was a nice surprise!

Liebster is German for sweet, kind, nice, dear, beloved, lovely, pleasant, valued, and endearing, along with other really nice words, so I was honored that two bloggers nominated my blog for that award!

9. You are published by Why did you choose to publisher with them and what are one or two of the biggest things you learned from the publishing process?

I did my research on the difference between traditional and nontraditional publishing, and my findings led me to choose the publisher I went with. I’d say one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from the publishing process is, honestly, that sometimes, our dreams aren’t as far-fetched as we think they are sometimes. Also, patience….Patience is key. And time management. And sleep. Us writers…we really need our sleep. Or else we break out. And we get really grouchy. 😂

10. What is/are one or two pieces of advice that you learned while revising the first draft that you wish you had known before you started?

Probably that editing can be just as hard as writing. I remember rejoicing when I finished my manuscript, thinking everything after that was simply going to be re-reading and spelling checking things… *laughs hysterically* It wasn’t.

11. This is random but fun one, if you could pick any time period to live in, when would you live and why?

I think I’d stay in the present, because everyone I love is in this timeline? But another part of me would go back in time to when swords were a thing.

12. What is one book you think every YA writer should read at least once? 

Legend. By Marie Lu. Not only is her writing is so amazing, but also, the series is told in dual perspective. Two MCs. At the same time. And it’s incredible. Read it read it read it guys!!! 😁

Thanks for the awesome interview Bey! Don’t forget to say hi to her Twitter (@beatrice_delrow), Instagram (@beatricedelrow), Goodreads (Beatrice Delrow), and on my blog (! You can find Into the Shadows on any of the following sites:



(It’s also available on Kobo, the Apple Store, and !ndigo.)

As always, keep making magic, word weavers!

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