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#DreamWIP: Character Addition

Hey, guys! Today I have an exciting announcement. My Twitter game #DreamWIP will be back July 1st with a new twist: This time is all about main characters! AND the game will be extended to Facebook AND Instagram, so everyone can join in! To kick off this adventure, I’m answering a few FAQs about this game.

What is it?

A month-long Twitter game designed to help writers brainstorm their dream books with each other and beat that pesky writer’s block! This round is special because instead of focusing on the broadest strokes of a book like we did in March, these questions place your main character in all kinds of unique situations and let them react. Authors who participate will walk away seeing their character in a whole new light. Here is a sneak peak of one of my favorite questions.


How does it work?

On  June 29th, 2017,  I will post an introduction post on Twitter,  Instagram, and Facebook,  so we can all get to know each other. A post with all of the questions will be pinned at the top of my feeds on June 30th, 2017, and one question will be posted per day. To answer, just use the hashtag  #DreamWIP in your answer, retweet/share the question with your answer, or reply to the post with your answer.

Who can join?

Anyone can join in at any point during the month. Just go to my TwitterFacebook, or Instagram  Look at the pinned post in my feed or scroll down to the current day’s question.

How do I know what character to pick? 

The character must be from an unpublished work OR a character in a series. The work can be at any point in the writing process, but the idea is to learn new things about characters you don’t know very well, not characters who feel like your best friends because you’ve been with them so long.

But… What about spoilers?

The questions should be user-friendly, but if you ever feel like something is too close to a situation in your book to give away, feel free to skip that day’s question. Don’t forget to keep interacting with other players though. 🙂


  1. This is designed as a brainstorming game. If you think another author’s idea is amazing, that’s great! Give it a like or a retweet, but don’t steal it for yourself!
  1. Connect! The point of this game is to beat writer’s block and find other writer buddies you can brainstorm with in the future, so go say hi!
  1. These posts are meant to be used as a springboard. You can write as little or as much as you want. No idea is too big or small, and there’s no such thing as a bad one.
  1. Have fun!

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Keep writing, word weavers!

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