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Summer 2017 Bi-Monthly Goals

Happy June! It’s the start of summer and you know what that means; time to see how I faired on my monthly goals for April and May! Remember, to succeed, I need to have completed at least half of my goals,  They were:

  1. Finish the #12DaysOfChristmas series. Haha, no. I will finish this series if it’s Christmas in July by the time I do. 0/1 point.  
  2. Write 1,000 words per week. I didn’t officially keep track, but considering the amount of blog posts and chapters I got done, I’m almost 100% positive I did this. 1/1 point. 
  3. Write at least one blog post per week. I did this! (And I’m so proud of myself!) 1/1 point. 
  4. Write Chapter 4 of The Trinketeer. I crushed this! I’m actually working on chapter eight right now, so I got way ahead of my goal! 1/1 point. 
  5. Sign up for a cooking class and find a second activity. Cooking classes were put on hold because they will hopefully be a part of something else I’m enrolling in soon, but I did find another activity. I’m going to learn ASL. There are a few options for classes, so I’m not sure which one I’m going to take yet, but I found them, so yay! 1/1 point. 
  6. Put finishing touches on promotions for a secret project (coming in June!). I did this!! For those of you who don’t know; I just recently started offering freelance editing services on my sister site so head on over there for more information. 1/1 point. 
  7. Start promoting #secretproject at the end of May. This is ongoing, but I also recently put up a deal on my website an an effort to promote it. The first seven people to submit their manuscripts to me for editing will receive 30% off the editing service of their choice. Click here for details. 1/1 point.   

Final Score: 6/7 points! Success!

Now, my goals for June and July are:

  1. Finish the #12DaysOfChristmas series. 
  2. Write 1,000 words per week. 
  3. Write at least one blog post per week.
  4. Write chapters eight and nine of The Trinketeer. 
  5. Finish chapter one of my novella.
  6. Come up with a marketing plan for my freelance editing services. 
  7. Post to Instagram eight times.
  8. Start my Youtube channel by posting my first video. 
  9. Film at least four more videos. 
  10. Edit two of those videos. 
  11. Review at least two books.

What are your goals this summer?

Stay creative and keep making magic, word weavers!

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