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I’m Published (Again!)

Cover of the 9th Issue of Fantasia Divinity Magazine. Used with permission from Fantasia Divinity Magazine.

“A memory, a dream, or something else entirely?”

Fantasia Divinity’s 9th Issue has been released on Amazon, and with it, another of my flash fictions, “Snow Serenade,” is out in the world!

“Snow Serenade” started as a vastly different piece, inspired by a dream about a young girl stranded in the woods, only to be rescued by a mysterious, motherly wolf.  When writing it, however, it became apparent that the characters had no intention of following my original idea. Instead, I kept thinking of the classic tale “The Little Match Girl.” I think my story ends on a more hopeful note, but let me know if you catch the nods to the tale.

“Snow Serenade” has been removed from my website, but click HERE to buy it on Amazon in the newest issue of the magazine and support all of the lovely authors in it, or HERE to read it for free on their website.

Challenge of the Month: What is your favorite classic fable or fairy tale?



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