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Book Review: Journey to Neverland

Picture taken by my using my Kindle copy

Journey to Neverland The Haunting Fairy Tales Collection: Volume 2

By: R.L. Weeks

Summary: Lori finally got her revenge, but it wasn’t everything that she had hoped it would be. With an emptiness in her heart, she focuses her attention on gaining more power.

Meanwhile, Snow gets a special weapon from the Ice Queen and travels to Neverland to find Lori.

However, Neverland has changed and you don’t want to end up trapped there.

Rapunzel, Red, Snow, Bella, and Gallisa end up trapped in the middle of dark sorcery. Meanwhile, Lori, Stilt, and Hook are on the hunt for the Pied Piper. Careful not to become entrapped by his melodies, they must retrieve the key to Neverlands undoing to get their happy endings. (via Amazon)

This is the second book in R.L. Week’s Haunting Fairytale Collection and the continuation of adventures after Lori, the Evil Queen finally enacts her revenge. Those who thought the story was over and complete at the end of book one, think again!



  • Effective Second Start: I can’t say why without spoiling anything, but I have to admit, I was curious as to how this series was going to continue after the end of book 1. I applaud Ms. Weeks ability to continue expanding the plot and the universe eve when I thought the main arc had been completed. The shift to a new goal makes sense within what readers already know about the world, and well some parts felt a bit contrived for my taste, it lets the characters develop in new and unexpected ways. 
  • Side Plots:  I was much more interested in the side 5 this time around then I was in Lori and Stilts goals. It was the twists and turns that occurred while they tried to accomplish them that really caught my attention. I especially liked the inclusion of an LBGT couple (I’ll let you discover who for yourselves) and the darker side added to Rapunzel.
  • Familiar Worlds with New Twists: As with the first installment, Weeks continues to showcase her skill in taking tales that we all know and love and adding her own spin to them to create a unique story while still maintaining aspects of the individual characters that made us love or hate them in the first place.




  • Filler: As much as I loved the side characters and plots introduced, it threw of the pacing and made some steps in Laurie and Stilt’s journey feel like extra tasks that, while interesting on their own, didn’t add much to the overall narrative. They did allow for even more character development, which I very much appreciated, but I think some of them would have also served well as bonus content or deleted scenes.


Overall 3.5/5 Stars. Recommended for fans of R.L. Week’s previous works, and lovers of fairy tales.

Recommendation: Towering by Alex Flinn

Summary: New York Times #1 bestselling author Alex Flinn reimagined the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast in Beastly and gave a twist to the story of Sleeping Beauty in A Kiss in Time. Now with her gothic and darkly romantic YA novel Towering, Alex Flinn retells the tale of Rapunzel.

When Rachel was taken to live in a tower by a woman she calls Mama, she was excited. She felt like a princess in a castle. But many years later, Rachel knows her palace is really a prison, and begins to plan her escape. She is encouraged by the speed with which her golden hair has been growing. It’s gotten long enough to reach the ground. And she’s begun dreaming of a green-eyed man. Could he be out there in the world? Is he coming to save her? Or will she find a way to save herself? (via Amazon)



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