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Quarterly Goals Fall 2016

Hey, guys. So, this is something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile now. Two authors and Youtubers I really love, Kim Chance and Jenna Moreci, routinely talk about setting Quarterly Goals on their channels. Basically, every three months, they set a list of tasks (usually writing related, but not always) that they hope to complete  each quarter. I’ve heard  it helps them stay on fof used. Since deadlines have worked well for me in the past, I thought I would try it. Let us see how much I can get done!

Fall 2016 Quarterly Goals

  1. Complete the free world building booklet I downloaded from Vivian Reis ‘s website for my work in progress (WIP).
  2. Complete character sheets for the remaining three main characters in my WIP.
  3. Roughly outline my WIP.
  4. Write at least two more chapters (roughly 8,000 words) on my WIP.
  5. Write at least a month’s worth of blog posts ahead so my website doesn’t become a ghost town 😉 (Include at least one new #SuggestionBox prompt.)
  6. Finish The Fantome Queen.
  7. Write 200 words per day, not counting work or school projects.
  8. Look into the possibility of starting a Youtube channel over winter break.

Challenge of the Week: So, those are my goals.  What are yours? (They don’t have to be writing related.)

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