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Trip through Time

Hey everyone. I feel really bad about not posting  lately, so this week, I’m going to try to offer two flash fictions. This first one is something I wrote for a creative writing class. The prompt was to write about a teenager discovering they have superpowers  using a point of view I’ve never used before. Enjoy!

“Watch out!” The warning from a coworker rings in your ears, but by the time you catch sight of the puddle, it’s already too late. Your sneaker is dripping with brown liquid and– Is that a sugar packet stuck to the brand new rubber sole?

You sway for a moment and briefly catch your balance.

Thank god. That’s one disaster averted for the day.  

You take another step, but foot slides forward farther than you intended. You squeeze your eyes shut and clench every muscle in an effort to stay upright. Your hamstrings feel like rubber bands that could snap back at any moment. Even as sweat beads on your forehead, you do everything in your power to remain upright because, really, how many embarrassing falls can one person take before 9 a.m.?

Apparently, at least four.

You throw your hands out to try and catch yourself and cringe the moment you remember the black servers tray teetering atop your left hand. You shut your eyes as tight as they will go. When you hit the floor, the knives, forks, and half-empty plates go too. They clatter on the tile in the perfect symphony of chaos. As an added bonus, some of the iced tea that as still sloshing in the douché customer’s cup that you just picked up seeps into your crisp white blouse.

Great. Just great. If the last three klutz attacks didn’t land your head on the chopping block after only two weeks, this one sure will. The only saving grace is the morning breakfast rush. It’s so crowded in here; maybe no one saw you slip.

“Hey, Meera, you alright, doll?” calls another coworker– Sammie, you think her name tag says.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You push yourself up and try to brush it off with a nonchalant shrug. But God! What you wouldn’t give to start this day over again. You turn and prepare to walk back to the kitchen.

In a blink, the room dissolves around you and everything changes. Your blouse is good as new again, you’re prized sneakers no longer smeared with coffee grounds and sugar stains, and instead of heading toward the kitchen, you’re standing in it. The double doors swing open and you peak out the window. The sun has all but disappeared from the sky, now just an ocean of blue dotted with bursts of color.

What the hell?!

You look down at your watch and just refrain from cursing aloud. 6:45 a.m. August 27th. That’s today. Or, it was.

Oh my god. Did your wish actually come true?

Challenge of the Week: If you could have any super power, what would it be?

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