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Four Facts About Where I Work

A writer’s workspace can be a very important part of the creative process depending on the type of person you are. Generally speaking, I’m not that picky about where I write, but this is my primary workspace.

photo by me

My keyboard: Most people these days (At least in my house) seem to prefer the keyboards with flat keys. I have tried those, and I can tolerate them on my laptop, but for a reason I have yet to discover, they drive me bonkers when connected to my desktop. My fingers slip and slide all over the place, and the keys are so sensitive that I end up typing nonsense.  

FUN FACT #1: I type one handed at about 45 words per minute.

My Microphone: Recently, I started experimenting with dictating my work, hence the large mic chilling next to my mouse. I find this to be quite entertaining at times,

because sometimes the computer thinks I said something completely different than what came out of my mouth.

My Headphones: One of my favorite things to do when I can’t get in a creative mood is put on some music. I have a specific station on Pandora  that I almost always play while I’m writing. I use it so much that it sometimes seems to know the right type of music for me on any given day, no matter what I’m working on.

FUN FACT #2: My Pandora station is called Catch My Breath Radio, and features songs by Kelly Clarkson, Bastille, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, and Gavin DeGraw to name a few.  

My Notes: As you may notice, I don’t have any notebooks cluttering my desk. This is because I prefer to type all of my research so that I can pull it up simultaneously with my story. I also find it easier to keep track of in separate documents and folders, rather than scattered spirals.

FUN FACT #3: If and when I have to handwrite things, my favorite tools are either mechanical pencils, or black ink pens.

Challenge of the week: Tell me three fun facts about your favorite work spaces and habits.

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